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3 Steps to Successful List Building Online

Every online marketing guru and his brother will tell you over and over again about the critical importance of list building for the success of your website. And while there are many books and programs that break down the process of list building online, very few of them offer the details of just how to accomplish this goal. And while we don’t have the space to cover all of those details here either, I will clue you in on three essential steps to get the ball rolling.

1. The Hook

Online hook to build your list fastEvery type of marketing campaign has one essential element in common with every other – that’s the hook.  Your customer has to be provided with a compelling reason to give you their business, especially considering that there are probably hundreds – or even thousands – of other websites that offer similar services or merchandise.

So, once a visitor lands on your page, it’s your job to convince them to subscribe to your mailing list, as this gives you additional opportunities to convince them to buy.

The most effective “hooks” for list building online revolve around freebies. Your potential customer is hesitant to give up their email address for fear of receiving more junk in their inbox.  But they will subscribe if you give them and enticing reason to do so.  A free report, e-book, or informative newsletter subscription is usually enough to do the trick, though you must ensure that your freebie is a high-quality information product or sample, or you’re sure to lose their interest fast.

2. The Capture

In addition to convincing visitors to you website to subscribe, you must make sure that it’s easy for them to do so. Many website marketers make the mistake of trying to include too much on a single webpage. This creates a very cluttered effect, which makes each and every element less noticeable in the grand scheme. Keep your landing page clean and easy to navigate, and your “subscribe” button in an easy-to-find location.

Additionally, don’t make the subscription process too complicated. If all you need is their name and email address, then that’s all your visitors should be asked to provide (check my previous article on this topic here).

3. The Future

Email marketing basics

Forget the crystal ball! It’s a no-brainer. List building online is only a truly effective marketing tactic if you make an effort to keep your subscribers engaged. This is accomplished through ongoing communication, including periodic freebies, customer loyalty and referral rewards, and emails that your subscribers would find generally useful and/or entertaining.

To keep them engaged, you’ve got to keep them interested by continually providing them with relevant communications and incentives. If this all seems like a lot of work, rest assured that it will be well worth the effort as your list continues to grow.

The larger your list becomes, and the more satisfied and loyal your customer base is, you will begin to see it grow exponentially, even independently of your own efforts. This is because your customers are now referring you to people they know, as you’ve made a positive impression.

List building online is a very necessary element of online marketing success. Fortunately it’s also relatively easy to do when you follow these three basic steps. Did you like this post? Stay tuned as next week I’ll show you how to get more subscribers fast and on the budget. Don’t forget to post your comment below.

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  1. Lori Manns says:

    Building a list is about consistent engagement. That is the real key. Thanks for easy- to- implement steps in building a great list.

  2. Nancy Tierney says:

    There is so much talk about list building but what I appreciated about your post is that you included how important it is to give to and stay in relationship with the people on that list. I think this is, in some ways, even more challenging than “hooking” people’s initial interest. Everyone loves something new and free, but we only choose to stay connected to those who continue to offer us something we want, need or value. Great reminders!

  3. Lorraine Duncan says:

    Keeping your subscribers engaged is key, important part of the list building process! Thanks for the article.


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