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Benefits of Consistent Visual Branding

We try hard not to judge other people by their outlook, but it seems to be a mission impossible. The same is true about the business as well. We tend to look at what we see and by the cover we judge the content. This is why visual branding has its place in brand strategy (even though not as big as some web/graphic designers want you to believe).

The objective of visual branding for small businesses is to connect with a predefined target audience and convince them of a product’s competitive advantages.  This process of communication with potential buyers usually focuses on benefits, rewards, initiatives, and motivation.  This strategy is used to influence future purchasing decisions of buyers and to establish general brand awareness, along with the brand image. Visual branding dictates that potential buyers are attracted and also retained.  Keeping an existing buyer can be a challenge.  An optimum mix of marketing venues should be implemented, such as the internet, mail, television, and others.

There are several ways a small business can incorporate visual branding.  Great examples are identity and awareness programs, product and service marketing campaigns, and product and service literature.  Through marketing and advertising, attracting new customers becomes possible.  Visual branding enables business to communicate with a larger target audience, especially thanks to web and social media.  It offers faster and larger communication outlet.  Most importantly, business interested in effective visual branding needs to ensure that current relevant information clearly communicates the intended branding message.

Visual branding doesn’t stop at attracting the potential buyer.  It incorporates elements that cater to the retention of existing buyers.  In this context, focus should be given to customer relationship management.  Elements like increased speed and accurate information should become a priority for any business regarding their established customers.  The business should aim to reduce the mistakes and improve the quality and delivery time of their goods and services.  The integration of technology is effective for the management of customer relations.  Good examples of this are emails and automated problem resolution systems.  Not to mention, increasing the response time to customers’ order requests or problems is a great way to improve and increase customer satisfaction.

The best visual branding strategy for a small business is one that is personal and interactive.  This is why many brick and mortar businesses are embracing web-based communities as a part of their visual branding strategy.  These types of social media communities create an ideal environment to share experiences and exchange solutions from common problems, along with other benchmarking data and information.  Believe it or not, the internet has the potential to solve a lot of trust problems, if it is utilized properly, and create some, if incorrectly used.

Buyers customarily become attached to a specific brand and develop a hard to replace loyalty.  This is why many small businesses incorporate visual branding with its other strategic branding approaches.  For newly emerging small businesses, visual branding could incorporate video, audio, as well as marketing or advertising publications.  Don’t overlook the functional importance of visual branding techniques, mail-order retailing, and clever advertising.  Pleasant courteous employees also play an important role in visual branding.  While constructing a visual branding strategy, remember that it is very important to respond rapidly to changing market conditions.

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  1. I think the best way to build your brand awareness is to continuously advertise on one place or to one group of people. Because we all have limited advertising dollars, we cannot advertise every where. Hence we need to focus building brand awareness on one place, and then really engage with the people/customers there.