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Birthday Bash Special

Woohoo! It’s my Birthday weekend and I feel like celebrating…

I’m putting on my Birthday hat and throwing a Birthday Bash!

Are you ready to join the party?

Birthday Bash Special

Ok, not in person, because we got snowed in here in Toronto GTA, but virtual Birthday Bash sound as much fun, doesn’t it?

I’ve never done this before and I am not planning to repeat this offer anytime soon, so read carefully and choose wisely.

I am giving away a complimentary one hour private strategy session with me. You spend one hour with me on the phone while I give you feedback on your website or social media, help you plug the leaks or solve the current problem and improve the overall results. This is a fantastic opportunity for you if you are stuck in your online marketing, or lost in social media space, or you simply want to take your existing results to the whole new level. You will have me on the line for the full 60 minutes to bounce off your ideas, connect the dots and design a winning strategy for your business.

One hour with Silvia and I have a road map to transform my business. I can finally see how it all clicks together and I am ready to make it happen. Thank you!!!

You might be asking right now… what’s the catch?

Well, there is something… You’ve probably heard that my clients pay me five figures to work with me privately. And even though all of them made more than their investment back and most likely won’t complain about this offer, to honor their investment I have to put a cap on this offer. Here are the conditions to win:

  1. Join Magnetic Look Inner Circle before 11:59pm this Sunday, February 10th, 2013.
  2. Finish your first Inner Circle assignment and send it to me by Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 …The assignment is simple, it should take you less than 10 minutes to finish it.
  3. If you do the above two tasks, you will prove me that you are an action taker (you purchased the program), but you are also an achiever (you did the work necessary). If you are among the first five (5) people, you will get your one hour private strategy call with me.

This single call will help you gain clarity, focus and discover hidden money in your business.

Are you in?


Click here to learn more about our Inner Circle Program.

Silvia is a wiz in turning chaos into clarity and designing smart strategies for any type of business. Best part of working with her? She doesn’t talk BS. Once she looks at what you have, her mind comes up with such a brilliant ideas, tips and strategies, that implementing just one will bring you all your investment back …and then some. She genuinely cares about her clients’ progress and always goes an extra mile. Working with her was one of the best business decisions I’ve made.

The biggest gift you can give me this weekend is to take action and invest in your own business. There’s nothing I like more than helping my clients achieve their goals.

Will you be my next success story?

I can’t wait to help your business thrive!



Silvia Pencak, the Online Business Strategist and Mentor

PS: You can close this page now and keep being miserable for the rest of this day, week, month, even year. Or you can join me and change your business (and life) forever making it more appealing to fast changing market. I really hope you’ll choose wisely.




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