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Four Things To Consider When Creating a Small Business Strategy

What makes the difference between a successful business and a business that is barely staying alive? What is it that makes Apple, McDonalds, or Nike so popular among the masses? The answer is simple – a good business strategy. Whether you own a small or large business, it is your strategy that can take you all the way to the top. Let’s take a look at four ideas that will help you start building success for your small business.

Small Business Strategy

First of all, it is important to look at your competition. When creating a strategy for your small business, start here. Research your competitors and ensure that you use this information to make your business better. If you’ve never done the research before, I strongly recommend for you our Brand Positioning in a Week program, which takes you step by step through research and creating your unique positioning on the market.) On top of upping your competition, you want to make sure that customer service is your number one priority. If there is one thing that you can offer that most other businesses don’t, it is great services. A company can offer high quality products at great prices, but without top notch customer service, they will lose customers quickly.

Big mistake I see people doing over and over again when developing small business plan,  is to take on too much. As entrepreneurs we have plenty of ideas in our head and we’d love to make them all a reality. But when it comes to small business ideas, as a general rule, never take on more than what you can handle. Doing so will ultimately lead you to failure. When starting a small business, ensure that your goals match with your capabilities. If you don’t, your time, effort, money, and reputation could all suffer. It is better to start small and be able to follow through with your tasks than start large and fail to complete them. Once you have successfully completed your smaller goals, you can then move on to take action on your larger goals.

Once you have a business plan, your next step is to brand and market your business. I cannot stress enough how important branding and marketing will be to your small business. Research your target audience and develop some solid business ideas for branding and marketing your product. Once you have created a unique and attractive brand, you can market it on social media, networking groups, traditional media (TV, newspapers, magazines, radio), or any other way that you feel necessary. If you have created a brand that customers can relate to, and you get your brand name out there through successful marketing techniques, you will begin to reap the benefits shortly.

Finally, one of the most important small business ideas that you can take away with you is to practice what you preach. If you want your small business succeed, you will need to give customers what you promise them. If you promise them 3 day delivery, give it to them (or surprise them my next day delivery). If you promise them excellent customer service, ensure that they get it (and then some). Giving what you promise will increase customers’ trust in you, guaranteeing that they will remain loyal to you over other businesses.

When you start your small business plan, remember, that it is your name, your money, and your reputation at stake. By developing a solid small business plan that incorporates quality customer service, attainable goals, great marketing and branding strategies, and kept promises, you will quickly see your customer base expand. Use these tips to strategically plan and take action on your small business ideas today and jump ahead of your competition!

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  1. Absolutely true. Taking on too much will wear you out and affect your life, family, etc and I hold customer service as the backbone of every small business.