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5 Cool Tricks To Get Your Website on Search Engines Radar

Magic TrickYou know you’re doing it. When looking for a resource or tip, you get to Google or Bing and type in couple words to find an answer. Every entrepreneur’s dream is to appear as number one on the page that shows next. Result of your search, response to your pain, answer to your question… But how can YOU get your website on the first page of search engines like Google or Bing without paying for advertising? Let’s look at the 5 tricks to get your website on search engines radar and help you massively change the results your site creates in the crowded online space.

1. Use the right keywords

Keywords are the words people type in searching for your products or services. At this point it’s crucial to understand who your ideal clients are, what problems they have and what they’re searching for. I highly recommend you spend some time researching your industry trying to understand your existing and potential clients and their behavior and how to position your business to be an answer to their needs. Once you start using the right keywords in your marketing, the game will change (trust me, I know what I’m talking about here, it worked every single time we did this for a client – no matter what industry they were in).

2. Use the right plugins

I’m guessing you have a wordpress site, which is becoming a standard in online space. If you don’t like things complicated, you’ve probably already heard about wordpress and your site is installed at this platform. There are many plugins you can use to boost SEO of your website, my favorites are…

  • SEO Pack by Yoast (which replaced and improved All-in-1-SEO plugin) – turns on-site SEO optimization into a fun game. Most of my clients never heard about this plugin and once they find out about it and install it at their site, it changes their site performance exponentially. This is my favorite SEO plugin. Its features include xml sitemap, webmaster tools verification, RSS Optimization, Social integration, breadcrumbs, page analysis, rich snippets, the whole shebang. My favorite features are the snippet preview, where you can see a rendering of what your post or page will look like in the search results and, the page analysis feature, which checks, if you have images in your post with an alt tag, whether your posts are long enough, if you’ve written a meta description, subheadings within your post, and more (SEO assistant). Really incredible for a free plugin and eliminates the need to install other plugins such as the Google xml sitemap, etc.
  • Broken Link Checker – Broken links are a big no-no and have a negative impact on your SEO. This plugin ensures that all your links, internal and external, are in good working order. If it detects any broken links, you are given various options to fix it. It is also highly configurable.
  • Google XML Sitemap – If you decide to use All-in-One SEO Pack (instead of SEO Pack by Yoast), you are recommended to install this plugin as it is one of those things that is virtually set and forget. The plugins main function is to create and submit a sitemap, making it easier for the search engine crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve information more efficiently. The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages, and automatically notifies all major search engines every time you create new content.

There are many more plugins and tools you can use at your WordPress site to boost your results and I share them all with our Inner Circle clients. If you want to make sure your website is setup properly for maximum results, join us today and discover smart strategies that will save you hassle, time and money. I can’t wait to support you on your road to success. Click here to learn more about Inner Circle and join us today.

3. Be social

Social Media for Introverts

Social media used properly can boost your results. Sadly, search engines understand the importance of social more than many entrepreneurs and businesses out there. From Google+, through Facebook Pages, Twitter, to YouTube, LinkedIn and others, your business will build its search engine ranking much faster when leveraging the power of social media than when avoiding it.

Being on social media and engaging in conversations means that there are people out there listening to what you’re saying, which proves that (1) you are a legitimate business owner, not a scam, (2) you care about your business enough to innovate it, (3) you take marketing seriously. My big tip for you if you are on social media is to use your keywords (trick #1) here and there to make it easy for your clients to find you.

4. Stay relevant and consistent

Doing all of the above SEO stuff will only take you so far. I your content is weak, or worse – not relevant, your audience might pay you a visit, but they’re most likely not going to come back. Stay on topic, keep your focus and most importantly, keep it consistent.

“Consistency is the foundation of virtue.” Francis Bacon

We all know that consistency builds trust. It’s not different with search engines. The more consistent you are with your content, topics and keywords, the more love you will receive from search engines. But let’s stop here for now and we’ll talk more about getting the most out of the website content next week. Stay tuned!

5. Don’t give up

Website search engine optimization is a long-term process, as is your social media or marketing success. There is no one example of someone who built their success overnight. It takes 7 pillars to succeed. Stay focused, do the work necessary, press through and success will be inevitable.

Question: What have you tried to get your website on search engines radar? What are you excited to do next? Let me know in the comment section below.




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