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How to Build a List Fast – 3 Ways to Build Targeted Email Subscriber List

Successful internet marketing is about more than just gaining website traffic, though this is certainly an essential aspect. But once you reach your target market, you need to be able to retain their attention, and this becomes possible by getting them to subscribe to your email list. So how do you get quality subscribers signed up? To start boosting your online sales by increasing your targeted subscriber base, you need to know how to build a list fast. Here are 3 tips to get you started.

List Building Tips

1. Get Noticed

The best website in the world won’t produce much results without optimum marketing support. In other words, you have to help your prospective customer-base to find you on the internet through targeted SEO marketing techniques. Gone are the days when you could build a website and people would find it accidentally…

I highly recommend to all of my clients to avoid putting all the eggs into one basket. Create a marketing strategy and be where your clients and prospects are.

One of my favorite ways to build a buzz around my sites is social media. When done right, social media can help your website get discovered, liked and shared all across the platforms. Social media can turn pauper into a prince pretty fast. Still, it takes commitment, determination and common sense.When combined with my next strategy, social media can be a big winner to win your business’ online battle.

Another great strategy is article marketing. This basically means writing quality content related to your market niche and then distributing it to high traffic websites. The more useful your readers find your articles, the more likely they will be to click through to your website to learn more. This is where you then have the opportunity to get them over to your list.

There are many ways how you can get out there and put your business in front of your target audiences. Think outside of the box. What can you do to gain more attention? Remember to test, tweak and either repeat or move on, depending on the results achieved.

2. Create Value

Once you’ve captured your potential customer’s attention, you need to offer them something of value in exchange for subscribing to your list. Those who truly understand how to build a list fast have this element mastered. Again, we return to creating relative and engaging content, but this time, instead of publishing it on an article site, we’re going to offer it exclusively to our email subscribers.

A regular and informative newsletter is a classic example of a typical offering, as is a free e-book, free reports or quick free tips on subjects of great interest and/or concern to your readers.

3. Be Consistent

The above are examples of how to build a list fact, but it’s also important to make sure than your list building efforts are consistent. For example, by regularly publishing articles in your market niche, your audience base will continue to grow. Eventually, this trend can begin to grow exponentially, as your readers share your content with friends via social media, blogs and forums. Again, the quality of your content is crucial to expanding your scope of reach in online marketing.

Consistency also applies to the follow through you exhibit in your freebie offerings. Knowing how to build a list fast will only do so much good without a concentrated effort to retain those subscribers for the long term. By consistently offering updates and fresh content (the newsletter is a classic example), your customer will gain trust and confidence in your ability to deliver what you say you will, and a kind of loyalty will develop that will keep them coming back for more.

Are you taking your list building to the next level by offering your subscribers exclusive access, relevant information and up-to-date resources? Are you tracking your results and tweaking your campaigns as you go along? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Hey Loribella! There are two answers to your question. First, you’re right. Optin pages have higher optin rate as you’re requesting your readers to take 1 action only – subscribe for your free offer. On the other hand, if you use your free offer in a header, sidebar, or below your blog post, you might get higher visibility as people are more likely to find your optin box once they come to read your blog and find it valuable. This is why I advice my clients to do both – you should have an optin box at your blog for increased visibility, but you should also create a separate optin page, where you can drive traffic directly either from social media, links in your blog, or offline marketing materials.

  2. Comment received by email:
    Subject: squeeze pages

    Message Body:

    Hi Silvia, What are your thoughts on a squeeze page (a 1 pg website
    solely for the free offer and email sign-up) to build an email list as
    opposed to only having a free offer with sign-up on my content site?

    Isn’t it more advantageous for list building if you give them only one
    option (sign up to get the free offer)? Then once you have their email,
    that’s when you give them consistent content to gradually move them
    towards buying?

    I hear that if my free offer is only on my content site (rather than a
    squeeze pg) that people tend to click all over and leave without signing
    up. I hear sign-ups are can go from 5% to 50% using a squeeze pg vs a
    free offer sign up on the content site.

    What are your thoughts?

    FYI, I tried to leave this as a comment on your site but there was no
    Post button and when I hit enter it just goes to the next line instead
    of posting the comment.



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