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How To Hire the Right Social Media Consultant – Part 2

Social media consultantIn part one of “Who Is Social Media Consultant And Does Your Business Need One?” we discussed who is a Social Media Consultant is and how (s)he can help your business. After reading that article, you will have went in one of two directions. You may have read through the article and decided that a consultant is not what you need. Alternatively, you may have read through the article and decided that a consultant is exactly what you need. In case of the latter, this article is designed to help you find out how to hire social media consultant that can bring your business to a greater success.

Before we discuss how to find a good consultant, let me say one thing – congratulations – you are one step closer to building your business revenue. There are many benefits that come along with hiring a social media consultant. Not only do consultants relieve you from the hard work that is social media marketing, but they can also help you reach out to thousands of people within your target audience, building your consumer base and increasing the success of your business. And as an added bonus? Once your social media efforts begin to build, your search engine optimization will also begin to increase – leading to even more website traffic for your business.

So, what sets a good consultant apart from the sneaky salesman? There are many characteristics that a “good” consultant is said to have. A consultant should be someone that is dedicated, ambitious, and goal-driven. They should demonstrate an excellent knowledge of the social marketing arena and should consistently dedicate themselves to improving and updating their knowledge as the field of social media marketing continues to grow. In addition, a social media consultant should be someone that has excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills, as well as the ability to strategize and problem solve.

And while these characteristics are a good place to begin, seeking out a good consultant really comes down to one thing – does this person offer you a “one size fits all solution”? If the answer is yes, you can place them in the category of the sneaky salesman. When it comes to developing a social media strategy, there simply is no one size fits all solution. Every business is unique and a good consultant will be able to pick out exactly what those needs are. A good consultant will be someone that examines your website, studies your target audience, and develops a strategy based upon your individualized business goals . If you’ve ever worked with me you know exactly what I’m talking about here as I’ve never designed a strategy for a client without doing a thorough research – yes, it’s THAT important!

Once you have decided whether your social media consultant is legitimate or simply a salesman, you might also want to look into his/her level of experience. While newer consultants can be just as helpful as more experienced ones, experience does help to show you that the consultant has achieved success in the past. Before choosing a consultant always ask where their experience stems from, how much experience they have, what other businesses they have worked for, and what strategies they suggest for your business.

A good consultant will also be willing to take the time to work with you, showing you how to monitor and use social media networks on your own. They should also take the time to become familiar with your business values and needs, as well as the messages that you are looking to send to your audience.

Once you have found an experienced social media consultant that provides you with an individualized strategy for your business, hire them – as this will be your key to improved success online! We’ll be glad to help you with your social media marketing if you need help. Check out what we can do for you here.




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