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List Building on Facebook: Simple (and Fun!) Marketing Strategies via Social Media

Facebook Like ButtonEvery business in today’s marketplace needs a social media presence to stay competitive.  This includes the traditional, brick-and-mortar types of businesses, of course, but social media marketing is even more essential to online businesses as their entire presence is, after all, web-based.  List building on Facebook is one very effective social media marketing strategy that can boost a business’s sales practically overnight when done correctly.  But “correctly” is the key word here.  Many businesses forget that the nature of social media is, well, social, and therefore your business must be social, as well.  In other words, all work and no play makes your Facebook page a dull place.  Let me explain just what I mean.

While you may have some success with your Facebook page by strictly posting about business related topics, it’s often a struggle to keep the attention of your fan base, which is critical to maintaining subscribers as well as to converting them to actual, paying customers.  The good news is that fun and profit go hand in hand on Facebook, so you stand to benefit two ways by approaching this social media platform correctly.

One of the questions I get asked most often about Facebook is, “But isn’t my business page supposed to focus on my business?”  Well, of course it is, but there’s a fine line between making your fan base know, like and trust you and making them feel like you’re a used car salesman.  Here’s the difference:

If you only post about business matters, i.e. your products, services, promotions, customer testimonials, etc., list building on Facebook will become much more difficult as your fan base begins to feel “marketed to.”  It’s a well-known fact in the sales and marketing field that consumers do not want to be “sold.”  They like to make decisions about who to do business with independently, and they make those decisions based on several factors outside the realm of a particular business’s range of products and services.  They make those decisions with a high degree of emotional influence, as well.

If your posts are useful, on the other hand, or entertaining, your fan base will be more inclined to read them; more inclined to care what you have to say.  These bits of content can certainly be industry-related, even SEO’d, but they must provide an unspoken value to your readers.  This has the effect of creating a sense of loyalty among your fan base, which is going to make list building on Facebook a whole lot easier for a couple of reasons.  Not only will your readers be more likely to subscribe, but they’ll also be more likely to share your posts and your page with their friends, helping you grow your list faster – and with zero effort beyond posting on your business page.

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  1. Katherine C. H. E. says:

    I think you have to be authentic and be true to your brand. I totally agree about mixing it up — within those parameters. :)

  2. Great way to explain that your fan base needs to know that you care about them before you can expect them to buy from you. I see this as being a big mindset shift the traditional business will have to overcome. Thanks Silvia

  3. Sue Painter says:

    Thanks for always sharing your expertise with your readers, Sylvia.

  4. It always goes back to the know like and trust!