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Little Known List Building Tips for Online Business Success

List Building Secrets RevealedAs just about every experienced online marketer knows all too well, without a solid list of subscribers, you really don’t have much of a business. The perennial question then remains, “how do I get subscribers to my email list?” And you don’t want just any subscribers; you want subscribers who have shown some form of interest in what you have to offer.  Here are a couple of super-effective, yet little-known list building tips to help you gain – and keep – the valuable attention of your target clientele.

List Building Tips for Maximum Exposure

In order for people to gain interest in subscribing to your list, they first have to know that your website exists.  And that means you’ve got to get out there and expose yourself.  Well, not like that!  But you do have to make a concentrated effort to give your website the greatest possible exposure, and there are several ways in which to do that.

One of the most effective is through article and/or video marketing and content distribution on high traffic sites such as or YouTube. Keep in mind that the content you publish on sites like these must be relevant to your market niche and provide some kind of benefit to your audience.

These “benefits” could take the form of informational value or merely entertainment, but the greater the value perceived by the audience, the greater the results will be in the form of click-throughs to your website.

Good quality content is also more likely to be shared by readers, which can increase your exposure exponentially.  To thoroughly maximize the potential of these list building tips, fresh content should be posted on a regular basis, as often as possible, minimum once a week.

List Building Tips for Search Engine Recognition

Gaining recognition with the search engines is critical for online business success.  There are a few different ways to do this, the two most important aspects being proper keyword usage and link building.  Together, these list building tips for search engine recognition comprise a little thing we like to call SEO, and that’s the cornerstone of any good website marketing campaign.  Keywords must be used intelligently, with proper placement and saturation, as well as in a natural sounding and relevant way.  This applies to on-page content as well as off-page content (articles, blog posts, forum comments, etc.).

Link building is achieved through imbedded links in your off-page content that lead back to your website.  Reciprocal linking is also quite effective, where backlinks are established between websites of the same or similar market niche.  All these activities work together to improve page rank, which means more traffic.  From there, it’s your job to keep their attention and persuade them to subscribe to your list.

Once you’ve utilized these list building tips to gain the attention of your target clientele, you must offer them something of value to get them to opt-in for future communications from your company via email.  This is often something as simple as a newsletter or a free report of some sort.  Keep them interested, and you’ll keep them on your list.

Are you using SEO, article and video marketing to grow your website visibility and if yes, with what results? Do you find these strategies an important part of your online visibility? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Lori Manns says:

    Great strategies you offered here. The search engine strategy is really solid for entrepreneurs. Thanks for the post.

  2. Kim Avery says:

    I like how you took what could be an overwhelming topic and simplified it. Great job.

  3. GetOrganizedWithCarmen says:

    Stick with the basics of list building and be consistent — great advice for beginners and a great reminder for the advanced! Thanks. :)

  4. Thanks for the nudge again to try article marketing!! Good tips!

  5. Love the title! That right there drives people to read the article! Thanks for a great blog post!