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Top 3 Questions About Info Products Answered

Info ProductYou’ve most likely heard about info products and their impact on your online profits. You might even know about someone who’s been selling info products for a while now and made millions while doing so. Still, your story might be different. You might still be stuck either not understanding how to integrate info products into your business, how to move from idea to finished product or how to promote them to make extra money.

Following are some of the top questions about info products I’ve been asked when speaking at the events or coaching my clients…

Question #1: Does my business need an info product?

It depends on where you are in your business and what is your business strategy. I believe that anybody can create an info product and the first product I recommend for my clients to create is a freebie, something you’ll give them in exchange for their name and email address. This will be your “sample”, which will enable your prospects to check you out, discover your style, wealth of information and connect with your personality. It’s always easier for your prospects to hire you once they experienced you and gained value from you.

Info products are a great solution for your business if you’re looking to make money online fast. Info products allow you to do the work once and make money over and over.

Question #2: Will my business benefit from info products?

There are couple pieces you should have in place before creating your first paid info product. I wrote a post on this topic couple days ago, click here to learn more. Other than that, info products can benefit any type of business. If there’s anything you can teach your audience via text, audio or video, you can create an info product to leverage your time, knowledge and resources to help more people out there.

The trick though is in creating the right product at a right price level. If you undercharge for your product, your product might be perceived as low quality, low value. On the other hand, if you set the price too high, you might lose the interest of your audience. This is why top brands spend so much money on market research before launching their product or service. The “right” price will appeal to your audience and help them take you up on the offer. It will allow them to see the value of the product and the importance of getting it for themselves.

My absolute favorite benefit of info products is that they enable you to help more people than you ever could by working with people one-on-one.

Question #3: How do I create an info product?

This is a great question, as I see way too many entrepreneurs being stuck at the point where they just can’t get the work done. If this is you, I have a good news for you. In my upcoming “Info Product Creation Simplified” Program I’m pulling a curtain and will take you behind the scenes of info product creation. We’ll talk everything from outlining, through creation and setup of your info product, we’ll even get to topics like marketing, sales and follow up.

I’ve designed this program so that it takes you step by step through the whole info product creation process. At the end of this program you will walk away with finished product, ready to be sold online. You will understand all the systems and processes happening behind the scenes and make them work like a well-oiled machine.

There’s still time to register and take advantage of the pre-launch pricing. Hurry up, we’ll be closing the door soon! Click here to claim your spot at this unprecedented program.

Question: What other questions do you have about info product creation?




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