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Marketing with Social Media

How To Build Social Media Presence for BusinessDid you know that over 70% of local businesses use social media as a marketing tool? Do you know what that means? It means that if you aren’t marketing your business with social media, you are already 5 steps behind your competitors. Social media is taking over the world, and if you aren’t utilizing it then your competitors are probably seeing all of the success, leaving you left behind in the dark. But what exactly is social media marketing, why is it so important, and where do you start? Let’s find out!

What is social media marketing and why is it so important?

Social media marketing is, as the name states, the process of using social media tactics and techniques to market your business and promote your products. The goal of social media marketing is simple – to obtain the interest of consumers and drive them to your website so that you can make a sale. Of course, there are many different ways that you can generate consumer interest so why take the time to invest in social media? Regardless of how much technology advances, one thing will always be true about marketing – word of mouth is the best marketing tool that there is. And that is exactly what makes marketing with social media so successful – in essence, social media marketing is just that – word of mouth marketing. How so?

Social media is a technology that connects people with one another. With the advent of social media, people from around the world can now chat and share content with the click of a mouse. A social network is where all of this sharing and chatting takes place. Today’s most popular networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Just as everyday individuals can use these networking sites to connect with one another, so can business owners. With the help of social media, one business page can reach thousands of people. And if those people like what they see? Then the page can attract thousands more. As such, social media marketing works much in the same way as word-of-mouth marketing. In return, it has the potential to be equally successful.

Where do you begin?

When marketing with social media, there are a lot of different avenues that you can take. Social media networks on the internet are endless, so you need to pick and choose which ones you will use based upon your company’s needs and goals. With that said, there are two main networking sites that every business owner should be attached to; Facebook and Twitter.


There are very few people who are unaware of what Facebook is. In fact, Facebook has officially reached over one billion users! Out of these one billion users, almost half are connected with different businesses and non-profit organizations. Why not add your business to the list? The biggest benefit of Facebook is the number of consumers that it can reach of every different demographic. If you aren’t connected on Facebook yet, you should make it your first priority.


Twitter has recently been ranked as one of the top 10 visited websites. It is another networking site that allows users to post news, share articles, and share insights with their “followers”. Why should you care? Twitter is a great way to give your company a voice and provide your consumers with the opportunity to share their feedback in real-time.

Of course, Facebook and Twitter are far from your only options when marketing with social media. LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ are all popular choices for businesses who are looking to promote their products. Success in social media marketing really comes down to choosing the best networking sites for your business and utilizing them properly. Once you can accomplish these two things, your business will quickly begin to grow and expand. Need help to maximize your social media presence? Join me during my brand new Social Media Crash Course starting next Tuesday and finally start making money using social media.

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  1. Lori Manns says:

    Yes, I totally agree that FB and Twitter are the 2 main sites for entrepreneurs to have a presence on. However, expanding beyond those two are contingent upon business type, your company’s specific goals and where your ideal clients are likely to congregate.

  2. Cheryl Thomas says:

    I love how you connected word of mouth marketing with social media. I’d never thought of it in quite this way. Your post has helped me see better ways of using the social media tools my company already has.

  3. Thanks for the confirmation on using social media. I also just added facebook and twitter plugins to my sidebar on my website—those two!

  4. Mitch Tublin says:

    Agree with you completely. The issue is some businesses do not understand the
    ‘relationship’ building aspect of social media.

  5. Hi Lisa! Answer depends on who’s asking the question. If you are a business helping other businesses with their social media campaigns, it makes sense to jump right in, test the platform and get the first hand experience about the audience, winning strategies, etc.

    If you’re a business owner looking to reach and attract the right clients, it makes sense to wait before jumping in until you know that your target audience is there and you have a strategy around specific platform. As you can guess there’s not one meter fits all answer. It all depends on type of business, target audience, product you’re selling and overall branding strategy.

  6. Great information. What is your best advice to keep up with all “newer” social media platforms like Pinterest and Klout, etc?.