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Most Common Twitter Mistakes Entrepreneurs Do

Twitter MistakesTo get the most out of twitter, an entrepreneur must build up a relevant network or community. That network can then be used as a springboard to gain a strong online presence, and build a powerful brand.  Twitter offers the opportunity to broadcast quality communication each day.  Links can also be given to videos, or photos. For the entrepreneur, it is an easy way to keep the business community informed of happenings in the business, and gain visibility at the same time.

Unfortunately some entrepreneurs fail to capitalize on these benefits, due to some common pitfalls.  Below, are the most common twitter mistakes entrepreneurs do:

Starting on Twitter without strategy.  Twitter should be viewed as one component part of an overall marketing plan.  Therefore it is never a good idea to start up without a twitter strategy.  As with any other social media marketing tool, the objectives should include plans to penetrate and develop the market, as well as to develop existing products or services.  Success cannot be guaranteed without a strategic plan being in place at the outset.  However, many entrepreneurs fail from the get go, because their approach to twitter is not planned.   This is easily one of the most common twitter mistakes entrepreneurs do.

Trying to maintain a Twitter account without help.  Another common twitter mistake entrepreneurs do, is they attempt to maintain an account without any help.  Characteristically, many entrepreneurs try to do everything on their own.  They try to juggle marketing, accounting, customer service, and other functions of the business without any outside help.  As a result, they end up spreading themselves too thin, to the detriment of the business.  Getting the most out of twitter takes time and entrepreneurs need to understand that.  They need to appreciate that a twitter account must be monitored.  It requires an understanding of the twitter lingo, widgets, and apps.  It also requires posting of quality tweets, and a timely response to tweets received.

Ignoring the quality of Information tweeted.  The ability to recruit new followers on twitter, and keep them interested, is going to depend a lot on the quality of the information contained in tweets.  Tweets must capture the attention of the community.   Information must be current and relevant.   Ideally, tweets should be quick, daily snippets, that allow followers an insight into your business and personality.   There is no point in tweeting information that it is not appealing, and will not pull in new clients.  Entrepreneurs often make this mistake, because they try to do so many of the business functions on their own.  They fail to appreciate all that is involved in using twitter efficiently.

For the entrepreneur, twitter represents a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people around the globe.   It can be a great promotional tool for a  fledgling company.  It offers the opportunity to learn from other more successful entrepreneurs.  When an entrepreneur learns new strategies that can be applied to their business, this can engineer growth, and create a buzz that will take the business to the next level.

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  1. unless if, for certain reasons, the entrepreneur decides not to use twitter as a marketing tool

  2. Thank you for an informative post. I agree that whenever we begin a marketing plan, a clear strategy is key. My impression is that Twitter is good for a local business trying to communicate within the local community. It is possible to use Twitter for a much larger market? How do you develop the larger community?

  3. Lori Manns says:

    Great post, especially about having a strategy.

  4. I agree with you points and I think “relevant” to the audience is the key!