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Social Media and Small Business: What You Need To Know As a Small Business Owner

Social Media and Small BusinessI love to help small business owners to maximize their time and results on social media. I contribute to many blogs and sites to simply get my message, tips and tools out there to help much more people.

I’ve recently published an article at NACWE (National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs) site showing small business owners how to get the most out of who they are, what they are doing, as well as how to do it the right way. I’m connecting the dots between social media and small business.

If you are a small business owner looking to maximize your social media results, I highly recommend it for you. I cover topics like…

  • advantages of using social media for small business owners
  • how to set the right expectations for your social media activity
  • how to keep it real and be engaging
  • the most powerful easy-to-implement strategies for your social media success

Are you intrigued? Access the article here. I look forward to hear your feedback!

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