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Social Media Tips: How to Increase ROI in Social Media

Over 2 billion people access the internet on a daily basis and approximately just over 5 hundred million of them are Facebook users. The number of people following Twitter is in excess of 2 hundred million. It is important that businesses jump on this social media bandwagon and take full advantage of it.

Companies need to increase their online visibility and social media is the best resource for accomplishing this. In order to increase your business’s ROI, you must expand your rankings and maximize your online presence. There are numerous social media tips on the internet, but researching them is time consuming and often very confusing.

First, you must search for the tips and research the authors and their websites to ensure their credibility. Then more research must be done to compile the information and learn how to implement the tips. Wouldn’t it be much easier if someone combined all of this information into one program?

The good news is though, that someone has already done it.

Magnetic Look has you covered with our best selling social media telecourse Social Media Simplified. In this program we take you behind the scenes of the top social media sites and help you develop your very own social media strategy that reflects your business personality and core strengths and alignes it with your website.

If you have no time to waste to study social media, let us help you with social media implementation process. We’ll take this off your shoulders as we’ll help you design your winning social media strategy as well as implement it with our Social Media Services.

Both of the above programs are incredible assets to any entrepreneur and their budding business as well as any existing company looking to increase its social media ROI.

One of the main ways how we do social media here at Magnetic Look is through engagement. Engagement seems to be a buzz word these days, but not too many seem to understand what it means for social media. Social media engagement is basically the communication between companies and consumers. It is a two way street because it refers to businesses actively communicating what they offer as well as clients being able to respond instantly to express their desires and needs.

Through engagement businesses are able to learn what their hot prospects want and then cater to those specific desires. It is important that your content on social media networks is informative, clear, and authentic. It is also important to be proactive, anticipate what your clients need, and let them know what you offer that will benefit them.

Consumers are able to let companies know if they are satisfied or if they have grievances.  Individuals running a campaign for public office use social media to learn what their constituents want. Candidates have teams of people who read, research, analyze, and respond to all posts in social media. This includes all social networks forums, message boards, blogs, and tweets.

All business owners need to build a strong online presence in order to maximize their social media ROI. The internet has become the advertising wave of the future and you should not let your business be left behind. Whether you choose to take advantage of social media or not, you and your company will still be tweeted, blogged, and talked about in both positive and negative ways. It will benefit your company greatly if you utilize social media to become more informed about what your customers think.

Positive feedback will let you know what consumers expect and whether they are satisfied; and you can continue improving these themes. Negative feedback will let you know what consumers are not satisfied with and you can completely restructure these ideas or dismantle them all together. Through social media a business can ask for feedback, opinions, suggestions, and promote the company all at the same time.

I’d love to hear your experiences with social media. Have you found social media helpful for your business? What platforms worked best for you so far? And what benefits have you experienced? Leave your comment in the comment section below. What are your favorite tips on how to increase ROI in social media?

Magnetic Look works with small to medium size businesses who are looking to improve their positioning on the market and increase their profits. Our programs and services are designed to strategically deliver the results you need in order to succeed. If you need help creating systems and strategies for your small business brand that are easy to implement and bring you desired results fast, we’d love to hear from you. Learn how we can help you and request your quote here.




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  1. This was great advice, and I loved your writing,

  2.  Thanks, Debi. I’m happy to hear that!

  3. Great comment, Kasey! Still, what seems to be a big threat of social media (low quality of engagement), can be turned into a huge opportunity once you turned it around in your own business. People are hungry for great content, authentic leadership and valuable connections.

  4. Of all the gems in this article, this one is by far the most critical to me: “It is important that your content on social media networks is informative, clear, and authentic.”

    IMO, if you’re not authentic and not really participating in social media to be helpful to your market, then you’re wasting everyone’s time, including your own.

    Just my own two cents having seen how many worthless Twitter accounts there are and how many people I’ve “unfriended” on Facebook because they’re always trying to sell me something in their status updates rather than sharing helpful info. Those of us who have been around long enough to see the changes are usually unhappy with the very low quality of social media engagement these days.

  5. My clients will be happy to hear about this!  Thanks -great blog!

  6. great article that deals with an overwhelming topic!! thank you!