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Top 7 Business Website Essentials

Most business owners are now aware that website is the must have in this internet age for any type of business, no matter how small or large. But with everyone and their mother being online these days, getting your website noticed and found can seem a tough mission. From bloggers, through internet marketers to large brands, we all are trying to get the piece of this internet profits pie. If you’re new to building a profitable business website, here are my top 7 business website essentials to help you get things rolling quickly.

1. Fresh relevant content

Yes, you need all three. You need content to share on social media to help you bring more eye bulbs to your site. But your content needs to be fresh and relevant. Unless you want to loose the interest of your audience of course… To learn more about the importance of content for your website click here.

2. Irresistible offer

Irresistible OfferIt always surprises me to come across a website trying to get people register for their newsletter or ezine. (Well yeah, like I don’t have enough unread emails in my inbox, right?) Having some type of irresistible offer (ebook, report, course, trial, book chapter, etc.) helps you create an even position for you and your subscriber – you are offering something of value for their name and email. They are willing to give you their information because they like your offer. You can then start building that relationship in order to take it to the next level and as soon as your content is still relevant and valuable, they will be happy to remain part of your list. To learn more about the email marketing click here.

3. KISS = Keep It Simple Sweetie

Forget about complicated navigation that’s calling only for error links and frustration. Help your clients to navigate your site one step at the time, set it up so that it makes sense even to a 10 year old.


Here are some of the strategies to help you with implementation…

  • keep navigation (tabs, side bar, categories, footer) as simple as possible
  • remove all unnecessary links that might distract your audience from what you want them to do. If you have to add the link to different website (whether it’s one of your social media accounts, affiliate link or resource you’re sharing), set it up so that it opens in the new tab or window. Your goal is to keep your website visitor at your site as long as possible.
  • remember that confused mind doesn’t buy. Focus on one action step in every copy you create, whether we talk about your blog post, optin page or sales page.

4. Be authentic, be YOU!

Whether you like it or not, people don’t want to follow a little copy of your coach or mentor. They don’t even care about your biggest competitor. By sticking with you, they’re expressing interest in YOU! There’s something about you that’s attractive …I call it your unique brilliance. God created us unique. You can never be like someone else. You walked your own walk and collected your own opinions and experiences. By being authentic to yourself and your audience, you will be a step closer to being recognized as a voice, not an echo. A leader, not the follower.

5. Engage, engage, engage

No matter how many or how little of comments show up at your website or blog, your responsibility is to engage the visitors. Get their attention, make them feel good in your space, offer irresistible calls to action. Find even more engagement tips here.

6. Appealing design

Luxury StyleNotice how low on my list this is. I’m not trying to say that design is not important (look at my website design and you’ll see that I love keeping my website top notch and always in good shape. Still, visual branding is not branding, only its part. You can have the best design, but if your content is irrelevant, boring and inconsistent, you bring nothing new or valuable to the market, you are boring to death and your site navigation is too complicated, design won’t help you. On the other hand, once you have all the pieces in place, design might be the next step for you to look at to boost your results. Especially if you’re in any type of design, style or beauty industry, sleek design will be a game changer.

7. Be proactive

Even the most beautiful website can end up as a top hidden industry secret if you just wait around and wait till someone discovers it. Instead, be proactive. Share the link at social media,  add it to your email signature, run a contest at your social media sites for the best comment at your blog, add social media share buttons to your blog posts for easy sharing, use Facebook comment system or some other social sharing comment system (like Disqus), send an email update to your subscribers when the new content comes out. At the end, it’s not about how good your website is. It’s about how many people know about it and like it.

Question: Did you find a missing piece in your website management? What else are you doing that works really well? Share your thoughts in the comments below.




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