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Top SEO Tips: Can Your Clients Find Your Website?

Are you lost online?It is generally well known that SEO can play an important role in getting your website noticed.  But what happens if your clients can’t find your website?  If a website is to be noticed, then it must be search engine optimized.  That is, it must be able to attract search engines, and more than that, it must be able to get a high search ranking.  For that to happen, then it is important to avoid some simple SEO mistakes.

If you want your clients to find your website, then it must be properly optimized. By that we mean that it must have the correct selection of keywords and content, and it should be properly constructed.  In addition, it should contain solid internal links that make it search user friendly.   With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more common SEO mistakes that business’ often make.

Irrelevant or Duplicate Content

Search engines are attracted to content that is relevant and distinctive; therefore having unique content becomes a magnet for search engines.  Relevant content is engaging, and meets the need of your target audience. On the other hand, irrelevant content will be quickly passed over or ignored by search engines.  The same applies to duplicate content, which is content that appears on more than one web page on the same website.

Packing their website with irrelevant content like sales pitches is one of the common SEO mistakes that businesses make.  If the search engine avoids your website because of irrelevant content, then your clients won’t be able to locate you on the web.

Lack of relevant Keywords 

Your website is also likely to be passed over if you target the wrong keywords, and don’t have the relevant keywords in your website. It is important to choose the keyword or phrase that your clients are likely to type in when they are trying to find your website.  If you choose the wrong keywords, then your website will not get noticed by the search engine. This is also among the more common SEO mistakes.  Before setting up your website, it is important to conduct a research of the keywords people who are searching for your product or service are likely to use.

Inadequate backlinks 

Backlinks also make it easier for search engines to locate your website.  Backlinks are inbound links from other websites.  A website that is well optimized will contain good quality backlinks, as they are a measure of the quality and popularity of the website.  Failure to include backlinks ranks high among SEO mistakes, and becomes important because some search engines attach greater importance to websites with more backlinks.

No Site Map

Search engines have search tools called spiders that search websites for particular information.  A site map acts as an easy reference for those spiders, enabling them to index and rank pages properly. Having a site map is a search-friendly feature that will allow your clients to find your website.

If you want to have a search-friendly website, then it is important to avoid these SEO mistakes.

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  1. Excellent analysis, Silvia. I watched my keyword competitors disappear one by one until my site rose to the top in its category, which is still true today.

    It definitely takes determination, patience, and minor tweaks to master SEO.

  2. Cindy Short says:

    Great information.  Never heard of backlinks before…

  3. Linda DiBella says:

    Yes, great ideas Silvia.  Didn’t know the importance of a site map or even the backlinks.

  4. This is a great question, Kim! It’s important to not make mistakes in this area unless you want to be slapped by Google. I’m sharing more info about SEO, including backlinks in my new SEO Crash Course. Check it out here:

  5. Kim_Avery says:

    These are great tips, but I have a question. How does a site go about building quality backlinks when it is just starting out?

  6. Great tips! Especially the site map one. So many people forget this. Thanks, Silvia!

  7. Thanks for the tips, Silvia.