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Ultimate List Building Formula

In my previous post I shared with you 3 Steps To Successful List Building Online. It’s a no-brainer, but still, because there are so many businesses coming online each and every day, I decided to shoot this quick video to explain the reasoning behind each step. I’ve answered some questions you, our readers have emailed me and I show you exactly how you can keep your optin box “sweet & simple” while still getting your prospects’ mailing address when sending out physical samples.

Here’s your assignment to help you take action fast:

  • What is the biggest problem your potential clients face? What solution do you have that you can offer for free to show them the light at the end of the tunnel? For example, most of the clients who start working with us already have some online presence, but their business is lacking strategy and system, therefore it’s losing profits. Our free offer “7 Pillars To Building a Successful Magnetic Business Online” shows them exactly what they need to have in place in order to succeed in online space.
  • Choose the format in which you will deliver it (ebook, audio, video, training course, sample, etc.).
  • Create and setup an optin box on your website. To do that you will need an autoresponder. There are many out there, but my favorite is Aweber.
  • Decide how often you want to follow-up with your list and how can you deliver valuable information, resources, tips, tools, etc. for them. It’s always better to pick a specific day (e.g. Wednesday) than send a message every 5 days. Create the sense of consistency so that your people know when to expect a message from you.

Let me know what else opens up for you as you watch the video, I’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you with your online list building efforts.

Big hugs,

Silvia Pencak

Magnetic Look works with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to create a strong and magnetic business presence online, improve their existing systems and leverage social media activity. We help your clients fall in love with what you do and turn them into raving fans and referring partners for life. Check out our brand new FREE training program here!




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