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Why Build Business Online?

Build business onlineWith the rapid downfall of the economy, businesses are needing to look for new and innovative ways to advertise their products or services and stand out from their competition. And in advertising themselves, one of the biggest questions that companies (regardless of how big or small) need to ask is “is it worth my time to build business online?” The answer to this question is almost always “yes”.

Consider this, as of today over 81% of small business owners have made their presence known online. Out of this 81%, over 30% of small business owners generate over 25% of their revenue online! If that is not enough to convince you to take your business online, here are some other reasons why you should.

The Internet helps to improve your company’s image

Go into a business and ask them for their company website. Today, 9 out of 10 companies will be able to direct you to an online website where you can find more information about their products and services. And in a world where internet is the way of life, not having an online presence can actually affect the way your customers view you – in a negative light. As unfortunate as it is, many customers will not take your business seriously if you do not have an online presence. So regardless of how large or small you wish to make it, when you build business online you can definitely increase the image of your company.

The internet allows you to provide better customer support

Any strong business owner knows that one of the primary routes to success is good customer service and support. In many cases, it is your level of support that will help you to retain customers and build your business. Thanks to internet technology, you can now provide support more efficiently. In return, you will be able to increase customer satisfaction and profitability at the same time.

The internet allows you to reach out to more customers

Without the internet your business is limited to customers in your local area, and anyone who wants to buy your product or service needs to visit your store or shop. But when you build business online, your products suddenly become available to a much wider range of people. Whether you want to sell products to your entire state, or globally, the internet allows you to do so. And as we all know, the wider area you can cover, the more business you will get!

The internet gives you the ability to do business 24 hours a day

Most businesses are open between 8 to 12 hours a day. But imagine how much more business you could do if you were open for 24 hours… and without extra cost! Did I get your attention now? One of the biggest benefits of taking your business online is that it is open 24 hours a day, all year round. With the help of the internet you do not have to be awake and operating to make money – you can do it while you sleep!

Of course, these are just a few of the many advantages that you will receive when you build business online. Other benefits associated with online businesses are cut costs, low start up fees, and the ability to use social marketing to advertise your business for free. If your business still doesn’t have an online presence, I hope this convinced you to do so. If you need help getting your business online, check out how we can help you. We’ve helped countless businesses set up and grow their online exposure.

Do you have an online presence for your business? If yes, have you seen a difference in your business since before you had a website or social media? Let me know in the comment section below.

Come back next week as I’ll share with you 5 steps to building a business presence online.

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  1. Over the past few years, has grown from interspersed PayPal snippets to an online shopping cart for desktop, tablet and smartphones. I agree with you on the value of a strong online presence.